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We are offering an unique opportunity for Catholic Churches that do not have the budget for large complex websites but would still like to have a functional presence on the web.

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Church Websites

Catholic Church Websites

Can your Church afford $20 per month? Then you can afford a modern, mobile responsive and expandable website.

We have come up with a solution to get any Catholic Church up and running in a day or less!

All Catholic Churches share a common operating structure, Mass times, Calendar of events, requirements for sacraments and contact info etc.

By honing in on the basic requirements of a typical parish, we have created a template site that we can deploy in a moments notice. Then a user goes through and changes all of the pertinent information and they have a stellar site to start off with.

Built using WordPress, the look and feel of the site can be changed quickly and easily, and additional functionality can be added with ease.

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Streaming Radio

Custom radio streaming server coming soon!

Build your own streaming radio station…

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Help us by letting us help you!

Maintaining a Latin Mass directory and keeping it updated takes much work. Maintaining a separate server dedicated for this task is not cheap, although not terribly expensive, it still requires a nominal monthly expense.

By letting us host your website, we can offset the costs of maintaining a dedicated server, it is a win/win situation.

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